Bodymass Composition Testing Trainer Affiliate Application

We are looking for a group of passionate trainers in the DMV who are on a similar mission. We want to educate our clients through Body Composition Testing, and provide the highest quality training using science and data to prove results.

By educating you, the trainer, on how to interpret the data and reports for your clients, we can provide the opportunity to validate your training, enhance client results, improve retention and provide data that factually supports your program is working. Our goal is to allow you to succeed, and Bodymass Composition Testing will supply the tools to get you there!

As an affiliate, what’s in it for you? In addition to receiving a detailed understanding of how to interpret the data and reports for your clients, all of our affiliates will receive an individual promo code to be used for DEXA & RMR testing. Based on the number of times your promo code is used during each month, you’ll be eligible for complimentary scans that can be used for yourself, or gifted to clients.

Please take a moment to fill out the form below, and expect an email back from Bodymass within a week.